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Thread: Does Medicare Pay for home health aides?

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    Does Medicare Pay for home health aides?

    I tried to search on this forum about Medicare and if they will pay for home health aides. Matt got his arm broken in the CT scan at our local hospital last week and now trying to keep the arm stationary and trying to get him dressed, and into his chair I am finding it impossible for me to do by myself. I have been having his mom help us in the am and pm, but I would like to know if this is a service covered by Medicare.

    On a side note, the hospital is investigating the incident and have not yet taken responsibility and I have talked to a dozen lawyers, none of which want to take our case. Most feel that it isn't enough money to be worth it for them because Matt is a c-4 quad with very little feeling in his broken arm, so they can't go after pain and suffering. Plus since he is not employed they say he isn't losing wages which is another big money maker. None of them care that he can't drive his chair (uses the headrest to drive) because with the arm in a sling we had to remove the armrest just to fit him in the chair and now he can't reach all of the sensors in the headrest. With out his chair use, we had to go to the bone doctor by ambulance which I am sure will not be cheap. And worst of all he can't do any of his therapy on advise of his bone doctor until it is healed. You can probably tell that I am frustrated and just needed to vent a little!

    Thanks, Erika

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    a c-4 quad with very little feeling in his broken arm, so they can't go after pain and suffering.
    (pardon my french)
    pain and suffering doesn't literally mean the pain he feels in his arm.
    find a new who does ADA cases and/or malpractice.
    call a local "independant living center" office in your area, or a local V.A. hospital, and ask for leads to find a lawyer.
    also post a "i need a lawyer in my area" topic on several internet msg boards (here, and new mobility and wheelchairjunkie and any other websites you know).
    on topic---i do not think medicare pays for pca's, but someone else here will know more than i do.
    good luck

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    I would like to know also!


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    Medicare Part B will pay for a certain number of weeks, but after that, it's up to you. But, Medicaid will pay for a caregiver if you qualify (low income based).

    Lawyers--if there is no money in it for them, they don't care.

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    Medicare may pay for some short term non-skilled care, but will not do this for long unless he is homebound and no other caregiver is available (ie, you). Is he Medicaid eligible? He may qualify for some county or state funded PCA care if so. Your best bet would be to talk to a benefits counselor at his local ILC and get some advice on this.

    Also, I would not take no for an answer from these attorneys. If he is low income, talk to someone in Legal Aid. I have a client (C-5) whose arm was broken in a fall from a paratransit van lift that was clearly the operator's fault. He got an attorney, and a rehab nurse consultant, and with a well-written report and disposition by her on the impact of his fracture on his future ROM, function, and increased family and PCA care needs, he received a tidy (out of court) settlement.

    If you still have a problem getting an attorney, call your local TV station or newspaper. They LOVE to write negative stories about hospitals! I bet this negative PR will get some action, and will probably find you an attorney too!


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    I'm real sorry to hear about this happening to you guys! I would think Medicare will provide services for homehealth. And would think all expenses required as a result of this accident the hospital caused would be taken care of by them. Unfortunately, Likely not without a fight tho. Document all you can. Keep your head up

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    The hospital will be advised by their attorney to NOT pay any medical bills or provide any free care related to this as this would appear that they are admitting liability.

    I know this of the reasons why people have to resort to suits to get any attention in our current so-called healthcare system. I hope you can find an attorney through Legal Aid, or go to the press if you have to.


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    break your arm and they don't pay?

    Sue them!!! Contact the local CIL for a lawyer referral. How disheartening this situation is.

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    Erika - so sorry to hear this.

    Great advice so far. I especially like Nancie's concerning the internet alert/notice - great idea imo.

    However, it sounds like immediate help (NOW!) is what you guys need and any gov't process will probably take at least 2-3 weeks. As far as suggestions to get you through today, tomorrow, etc. have you considered:

    1. Local church(es). Often they can/will/able to offer rotating help of all kinds.

    2. Friends / family / co-workers. For all those who said "whatever I can do to help just ask..". Well now is the time to call in those favors. Maybe a few phone calls are in order?

    3. Local hospital/nursing home bulletin boards. Make a sign on a piece of paper. Be bright, be brief and make it stand out. Or ask the (different) hospital administration to help.

    To me, desperate times call for desperate measures. I'd try to pull out all the stops.

    Good luck to you, you're in my prayers.

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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse:

    The hospital will be advised by their attorney to NOT pay any medical bills or provide any free care related to this as this would appear that they are admitting liability.
    Well of course they wont admit anything, this is why we live in a sue me/sue you society.

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