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Thread: I Went Hunting!!

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    I will be posting some from the next trip, dummy me was so exited to be out that I left the camara in the Blazer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrel View Post
    Sue, they are not lengthening the season due to the disease, but the fact that they are over populated and causing more road accidents. I myself would not want to eat anything that was diseased.
    Oh I agree. In Wisconsin the DNR was checking carcasses for disease for awhile. I was just curious if Laura's area still had the problem.

    Glad you got to be out there again. But next time take dibs as first shot since you're on the ground. Tree stands are like cheating IMHO.
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    They are extending the hunts in Wisconsin and some areas have earn a buck to reduce the population to try to eradicate CWD. With the earn a buck, you have to shoot a doe to get a buck tag. We are in the earn a buck area. They didn't take heads to check for CWD by us last year but they have in the past and they still are in some areas.

    Darrell, look up adaptive sporstman in Wisconsin. It is an awesome group. The deer hunt Heather goes on is at the old ammunition plant near Baraboo. They provide guides that volunteer their time with scouting and going out hunting. Heather always has a guide that goes right out with her to the blind he has set up before hand.
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