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Thread: Bad Exp. w/ Caregivers thus far

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    Kimi: where do you live?

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    SOunds like the problem is world wide. We live in Perth Western Australia and finding good caregivers here is almost impossible.
    My partner needs only a couple of hours in the morning to get him ready for work, and we have one fantastic cargiver, who, through circumstance, can only do three mornings a week.
    Trying to find a replacement for her is so hard. Maybe it's because she is so good our expectations are too high. Another big problem is I resent (yes still) the intrusion into my home, though I'm trying to deal with it.
    Smokers are a big no-no for me. I can't stand the smell of stale smoke. In the past we have interviewed people who have said they are not smokers, but after a week or so, you find them outside smoking while hanging up the washing.

    Phew! sorry that was a bit of an offload, but it's interesting to note that finding a good caregiver is a job and a half for more than just my patch of earth.

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    If you live in Southern California or Nevada and need a live-in caregiver, let me know.


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    hello everyone, and thank you for all of your advice and thoughtfullness. i really appreciate you taking the time to give me your personal input on my situation.. carecure seems like it really does care,lol! i have been on and offline these past few days,that is why i havent been able to post a response. i cant even imagine having to fire a friend. that is def. a toughie. it ultimatley depends on your own personal care, and i would have to say bye bye friend..or maybe just make him and on call friend..something...i live in a very small, backwards town where caregivers are few and far between(as well as agencies) i go through UCP. i don't want to change unless i have too, because i will deplete my resources fairly quickly. i just found out that there is a college in my area that actually has housing for disabled, and even has it's own SSCI wing. i am pretty excited about looking into it. i am sure that the caregivers in a setting like that aren't all that horrible. i am sure they have some kind of requirement they have to meet upon them getting hired.(lets hope anyways) we shouls start a "caregiver horror stories" post,lol. thanks tweetie and nurse for referring the book. i am going to check barned and noble or sometime today. once again thanks for the help. talksoon!

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    i forgot to mention i am in pennsylvania:-)

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    Scale back his hours and I agree with what chick said:

    "Think maybe you can find another caregiver to work part of the time? So if you decide to completely let him go, the transition will be easier and less of getting rid of him altogether. He seems to be able to help where many pca's might not.. and ptrobably because you guys are fiends. Maybe this will continue even if he was not working for you, depending on how tight the friendship is and how willing he might make himself available to help you in a non-working capacity."

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    Kimi I live in PA to and use UCP to pay for PCA's, I hire my own though. I went through an agancy in Harrisburg once and they were awful. Had some bad luck and some good hiring my own. No one stole from me yet though.

    What school are you talking about? I know there is one in Johnstown for disabled students. I go to Central Pennsylvania College and there student housing isn't accissable, wish it were.


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