I had 2 MRI's done-1 of lumbarspine, and 1 of thoracic spine. II was a bit confused by the reportd, so I got my own copy of the images.
The lumbar has 3 8+mm protrusions, and the radiologist who reviewed the images said they were "broad based posterior disc bulges"
The thoracic has 7 protruding spots from 1.5mm to 5.3 mm in sixe, and the radiologist that reviewed that image set called them "herniations"
If the lumbar protrusins are much larger then the thoracic ones, doesm't that make then herniated as well?
I think the first radiologist made a mistake, and I was wondering what to do about it.
I do know that the surgeon that I am seeing on the 28th wants to see the images himself-not the reports.