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Thread: DETERMINE DEATH: making a checklist for living will..

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    DETERMINE DEATH: making a checklist for living will..

    I am making a living will and want to make sure steps are followed before allowing the plug to be pulled.

    So of my thoughts:

    1. Want a minimum of 3 doctors to make the decision and sign off on it.

    2. What are several specific items I can list that they can check off that tells everyone my state of life--like:

    a. No brain activity in areas of the brain...

    b. Liver function has failed...

    c. Kidneys have failed...

    d. We will keep drugged until death occurs...

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    You might also want to look into if your state requires a medical, durable power of attorney, I heard on the news this weekend that some do require both. One thing our lawyer advised when we had our outdated L.W.'s and P.O.A.'s done last time was to have an alternate person named to be your spokesperson, just in case the primary person you have named is unreachable for what ever reason. We chose our oldest child(30+ years old), as she is the one who spends the most time with us and knows first hand what we want done, or better yet, want we don't want when that time comes.
    Here's something else to think about, besides giving a copy to your doctor(s), you might want to make sure the hospital you use has a copy, as well a your local fire/rescue agency. This way in the event that if and when the time comes that it is needed, those who need to have the information will already have it in place. The only other suggestion is to at the least have it notorized, this should protect against any arguements about it being authentic. As we all know well by now, emotions can run high when it come to the death,or impending the death of our loved ones.

    Linda H.

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