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Thread: its been 4 years since my SCI!

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    Talking its been 4 years since my SCI!

    Well it was 4 years on the 16th. I can still smell the air of the night this all happened. It was slightly chilly but it was one of those nights where the air smells so good, almost like your in the middle of a forest. I was in Erie though and I was surrounded by woods (Penn State Behrend is the bushes) and I can still remember looking at my roommate and telling him, whatever you do, DO NOT WRECK. Roommate: "Don't worry I'm a good driver." Me inside my head "I've drove him with before, he wasn't a bad driver..."

    Its nuts how fast time flys by, I can still smell the hospital (it reminds me of latex gloves), the days looking at the mirror hating myself and what I've become. Watching my beautiful girlfriend slowly drift away from me but I'd look at the pictures of us on the hospital walls and still have a small sense of hope that it will all be okay when I get out of this hospital. Her laying with me in the bed, when I had diapers on, my 8 pack was nothing but a huge gut, and my teeth were chipped to hell from the roof smashing my head.

    I can still remember laying on my couch, with my mom on the chair, us both crying, and her telling me if I still wanted to die in 3 years, she'll let me do it. I remember that moment having some happiness, because I knew I could end all this suck in 3 years.

    But its been 4 and I actually feel pretty happy, never thought I would be but everything seems to be falling into place.

    Tomorrow I'm going to my first Penn State game in the chair. I was always turned off because I would have to be in the wheelchair and all my friends are in the seats while I'd be in special wheelchair section.

    But its pretty sweet, Lockheed Martin said they were so impressed with my interview that they invited me to the big game tomorrow (Michigan versus Penn State) and I get to be in the Suite section with all the VPs of the company! fun fun, free food and social networking, wee.

    Flying out to Boston to interview with Cisco Monday and Tuesday for a Software Engineering Position in Cali. Then a few weeks after that flying out to Seattle to interview with Microsoft for a Project Manager Position.

    Now all I have to do is pass my classes this semester and next and I'll be golden.

    And I need a hot girlfriend and I'll be set
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    You're a superstar Cory, glad your career is progressing well and that you're still around.

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    'grats! life seems good, man. keep up the success! now that the college party is winding down, get to work! we need your tax $$$$$$$$$!!!!!! makes TONS!!!!

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    you have done alot since. your future looks so dam bright , you'll need sunglasses. way to go.
    oh well

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    I'm so proud of you Cory {{hug}} .... your Mama is one very smart lady (although that must have broke her heart) - she must be beyond and beyond proud of her boy today!!

    Good luck with the interviews!!

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    Rehab's right - you're a superstar. I'm sure you'll keep on making your mother proud. Keep on kicking ass.


    P.S. I'm glad you're making some peace with your wheelchair. I can imagine as a walking quad you are loathe to rely on a chair. But they can be quite liberating too...
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    Go take a shit in a cup to celebrate bro'.. Didn't realize we are a day apart as my injury was on the 17th.. Keep on rockin'.

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    You kick ass Cory. Good luck!

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    You're my hero!!!
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    Congrats! Way to go on all the job interviews.

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