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Thread: Lost my son Tuesday

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    Lost my son Tuesday

    On Tuesday this week my son died of an accidentental overdose. I don not know all of the details but as they come in I will try to keep everyone posted.
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    I am so sad to hear this.

    Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


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    Sorry you lost your son, John. I can't even emagine the pain you must be in.

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    I'm so sorry.

    What heartbreaking news...

    Please take care.

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    No words, but sheer, speechless sympathy. One day at a time for a while. I'm so sorry.

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    I'm so sorry you lost your son.

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    My worst fear. I'm so sorry.

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    So very sorry.

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    So very sorry for your loss.
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    Sorry to hear.

    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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