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Thread: looking for someone to talk to

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    Welcome, I am in the same boat, my son is c5-6, 4 1/2 yrs post, I am a single dad and have 3 daughters along with my son, I know what you are going thru, I am my sons sole caregiver, along with raising my daughters(12, 14, 21) its been a long hard road, I own my own business but seems I only do it part time because of the lack of sleep I get, we are in California, my son now recives soc. sec and also check with In Home Supportive Services( IHSS) I took a class and he was approved for 161 hours a month so I get $8.50 an hour, my son also gives me $400.00 a month from his soc sec, this helps me keep working my business part time so I can care for him, but still vary difficult to do everything as we have no one around to help.
    Burnout, seems like I am vary burnt out, probably would be diagnosed depressed my self if I had time to go to a doctor, but lots of good people and resources here, Ive tried to get the Caregiving section going, it was more active 3 and 4 years ago, but I dont see alot of caregivers any more here, but if you need to vent this is a good place as I have done it my self, you can do a search for all my posts to see more and some of the posts may help, good luck and ask any questions, take care.

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    Different boat, different paddle.

    I'm a t12 (more like a L1) para. Use to do everything my self untill my wife told me to stop. She got cancer about 5 years ago so I got to take over all the chores, bills, and taking care of her. Now were back to a point where she is back in school, then hopefully a job. The hardest part for me was not the chores, but the responsibility of providing. That was the stress point for me.

    The one thing I always tried to get my wife to do for herself were things that she could. I dont expect less of myself in the same fashion. Does she get tired of doing chores? Yes, but I know if I try to do some things in the house she jumps all over me. So I've been delegated all outdoor duties. I must freak my neighbores out when I mow the lawn with a push mower.

    What to do? Always take care of yourself. If your unable to take care of yourself, then who will? Get the hubby to do what he can. Life goes on, we just have a different way to do it.
    Rick Brauer or just call me - Mr B

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    I'm new to the site my self this is my second post.
    What is so wrong with your life that makes you so sad. My husband is a c5-c6 quad and we have a great life together.We have a great marriage and until now i mean in the past 4 months he has been the only one in our family that has worked. We get no help from any one with anything it's the two of us and our son that we had after his break. Life is what you make it being married to a quad is not bad if you have a great marriage and partnership.We just move from Ga in June of 05 we new no one there, i'm sorry that i might seem i'm alittle on the other side of the fence but i my self get tired of people thinking that my life is hard .I love the man i married and would not want him in any other way.I don't focuse on what we can't do but on what we can. and just in case yes we have a Great love life.
    i hope you can learn to cope with life. In our case we don't even see the chair. In June we will be married for 13 years..and counting

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    Hi KCBUG,
    I am not great about giving advice because every time I suggest something to someone, my life starts to fall apart. Being the mom of a C6 kid, I often get or do things for my daughter that she is capable of doing for herself. She uses crutches while at home and is very strong and able. I need to be more consistent. I also must remember to take better care of myself so that I will be around as long as possible. One positive thing we do together is listen to standup comedians as often as possible. Sometimes laughter helps us forget about our present situation.

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