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Thread: C6/C7 Incomplete--Looking for hope!

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    Hi Jenny, my wife is a C6 incomplete and we are a newly married couple. I had a ton of quesitons regarding sex starting with, "can we actually do it", etc, etc. We've only been married for one year but trust me when I say that sex with an isci ncomplete can be very exciting (if not more) that a person with no disability. The first thing one must do is get past the idea things are different than the way they used to be. My wife and I lead a very exciting sexual relationship that just seems to get better each day. Trust is paramount! If you want to chat about more I'd more than happy too.

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    sorry about what happened. glad you found the forum.

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    Hope is all anyone ever has. My husband walked with a cane for 27 years post SCI. He is an incomplete quad, C4-5-6. Although we married very long after his injury, sex was never an issue for him. I love him absolutely and support him in every way. No matter what happens, I am there at his side to keep up his spirits. You will find ways to cope and learn so much in the next years. Just keep the thought that you have each other for today. And for today only you will work toward getting back to a happy, healthy life, no matter what changes take place.
    God bless!

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    Regarding your question about acupuncture. I would encourage him to try. I used acupuncture to help me recover from a brain stem lesion. It worked wonders!
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    Stem Cell in China

    Quote Originally Posted by MioaraD View Post
    Hello Jenny

    My husband is an incomplete quad and we found that even now after 6 + years some recovery still takes place.
    Is a very slow process but it can be helped along by complementary treatment such as physiotherapy,acupuncture and massages.
    My husband also had stem cells treatment in China which helped him regain control of his bowel/bladder function.
    Hope that helps.
    All the best,
    Hi Mioara, I'm wondering if you can give me any information on the stem cell procedure your husband did in China? Can you tell me the name of the clinic, location, cost, etc? I am living in Thailand and we are told it may come here soon but in the meantime we are considering China as an option. Many thanks in advance.

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    I agree with Evonne/ SCI Nurse
    I've been down your husbands road I am a incomplete quad for years and every day is something new I moved home 7 months after my injury and I worked on my own therepy routines I do daily
    Think Positive and Never Say Never Trust me
    Your new Friend

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    Hi Jenny,
    I wanted to write you back because i liked your Post. My husband had an accident in september 3,2008 and became paralyzed c6-c7 Incomplete. When he was in the hospital he had no sensation from his chest down. but after he had his surgery he got sensation back little by little up to his waist. It's no been 2 yrs. And he can now star moving his toes he has sensation in his legs but he can't move them yet. He also has no bowl movement but he know's when he has to go. Don't give ur hope up we have to be very strong so they can keep going forward and they see they have are support when they feel down. But you also need sometime for urself to take a day of relaxing and doing something you like to do. And if you need somebody to talk to im always here. My email is Are more than welcome to email me when you would like to speak to somebody.

    Take care Barbara.

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    Hi "Jenny." "Barbara," and "Dmarco,"
    Welcome to the Care Cure Community. I'm sorry that all of you have loved ones who have been spinal cord injured. This is a great place to find information and learn. There are a lot of great people on this site too, but just like everywhere else on the internet, you should be careful about the personal information you post. Barbara, you might consider editing you post on this thread and deleting your email address. There is a feature on this site that allows you to Private Message others. The following are references from the FAQs.

    Edit a Post:

    Private Messaging:

    Good luck to the three of you. Hope to see you here again soon.

    All the best,

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