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Thread: C6/C7 Incomplete--Looking for hope!

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    C6/C7 Incomplete--Looking for hope!

    Hi there,

    My boyfriend was in a car accident on August 31, 2008, resulting in a C6/C7 incomplete sci. He spent 3 weeks in ICU on a ventilator and then moved to the rehab center at one month post. At first, he could feel nothing from his nipple line down, but had movement in his arms and hands, his left side being the stronger of the two. His hands are weak but his arms are pretty strong. After about a week, he regained 'patchy' sensation throughout his body. He can feel most areas right down to his toes, but a few areas he cannot feel the pinprick and a few other spots he can feel nothing. He doesn't have bladder or bowel control, but can tell when he needs to have a bowel movement. He also can feel sensation around his rectum but cannot use the muscle. About a month post injury, he moved both ankles, ever so slightly, and then just last week, he moved one of his toes.

    Just wondering if there are some hopeful stories out there! I need hope to keep me inspired and to keep him going. He is very determined and believes he will walk again. Is this possible? Has anyone in this situation recovered to that point? Also, I was reading online that acupuncture could help with the bladder and bowel function. Has anyone heard of this, or better yet tried it?

    I appreciate any help, support or stories you can offer!

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    Jenny, welcome to our forum.

    The fact that he was incomplete from the beginning is very hopeful. While no one can really predict how much he will get back, it is very likely that he will continue to get some return over the next 24-36 months.

    It is critical that he get ongoing therapy to allow him to maximize any return he does get. Where is he in rehab? Does he have decent insurance or resources for a prolonged outpatient therapy program?

    I personally have not seen acupuncture make a difference in bowel or bladder return, but biofeedback may be helpful in some cases. Unfortunately it is difficult to find experienced biofeedback practitioners who know how to help with these specific functions.


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    We live in Canada, so his rehab is paid for. They said he will be in the Rehab center (which is in the top 3 of Canada) for 3 to 6 months minimum. They will keep him as long as he is making progress. If he goes home, and then something improves, he goes back to the Rehab center for more therapy.

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    Oh, and another question I have is about sex. What should I expect in this area? We have tried it once. He was able to sustain an erection, but couldn't climax. Is this something that will or could come? ANY INFO IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!

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    Jenny, I would recommend that you do some reading in the Sexuality and Relations forum here. Be sure to read the sticky topic on male effects of SCI at the top of the forum. Once you have read this, then you may want to post questions on that forum.


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    I don't see where the Sexuality and Relations forum is??? Trust me, I've been looking for it!

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    never mind...I found it!

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    Sorry, I should have mentioned that the Sexuality and Relationships forum is a Members Only forum, so if you are not logged onto the site, you cannot see it. Be sure to log on, and check the "remember me" box if you are not using a public computer (like at the library) so you don't have to log on every time.


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    Hello Jenny

    My husband is an incomplete quad and we found that even now after 6 + years some recovery still takes place.
    Is a very slow process but it can be helped along by complementary treatment such as physiotherapy,acupuncture and massages.
    My husband also had stem cells treatment in China which helped him regain control of his bowel/bladder function.
    Hope that helps.
    All the best,

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    there is always hope. i was in icu for 2 wks and as u mentioned things started comin back slowly. a toe would twitch and a finger would move. after 4 months i regained b/b. in 5 or 6 months i was walkin with a walker and AFO's. i am now 1 yr PO and i am walkin all day un-assisted. i do have a limp & lots of nerve pain, but i am also back to work full-time. there r so many things that will determine if a sci person will ever walk again and all cases r different but i just wanted to tell u mine. keep the faith and keep supporting him as u r doing. good luck

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