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Thread: Changing cath size from 18 to 16

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    Changing cath size from 18 to 16

    I had always used 16F but when I had the Augmentation the DR put me on 18F. Wow kinda big but he said it was for all the stuff to come out of the bladder. I still have all that stuff but will it go through a 16F? Wonder if that large size is hurting my urethra? Has anyone else used 18F? Boy, it don't take long to cath.
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    You are still using an indwelling catheter after your augmentation? Why?

    Generally for straight catheterization, a 14 Fr. is recommended for adults, and mucous and debris is handled by 1-3X daily flushing for those who have had an augmentation. The larger the catheter, the easier it is to do trauma to the urethra (or Mitrofanoff).

    For an indwelling catheter, a 16 Fr. is recommended for a urethral catheter for adults. Bigger catheters cause more urethral damage and trigger more bladder spasm. For a SP catheter, generally larger sizes are used, in the range of 20-24 Fr.


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    I am post 5 years Augmentation and Cath through the urethra. I flushed the muchous out the first 2 weeks and haven't done ie since. I was wondering if the mucous will go through the 16's.
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    It depends on how much and how thick the mucous is. If you are still putting a lot of mucous out, most urologist recommend a daily flush. Mucous build-up can promote the formation of stones, not just clog catheters.


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