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Thread: bladder spasms

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    Question bladder spasms

    I just found this site and hope you can answer a question for me. 4 years after my accident I was finally diagnosed as having an SCI. At first, a year ago, they thought it was just a cauda equina injury, now they think it's an incomplete L2. (before that docs thought my nerve, bladder, bowel and sexual non function was MS and delusions) My question is around what I call 'spasms'. I use intermittment self catheterisation to drain off the residue 5 or 6 times a day. It drains fairly freely and then I feel something like a muscle spasm and the flow stops. I've been told it can't be a spasm because my injury is too low. How high would it need to be to be an actual spasm? The hospital where I was admitted after my horse riding accident didn't even notice that my back was broken. Recently they found I'd had a transverse fracture of my saccrum and now L2 so I'm not sure what else was missed.

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    OMG, the incompetence of the medical establishment never ceases to amaze me; and they are so good at diffusing responsibility across the system that it's nearly impossible for patients to do anything about the problem.

    I'm sorry, I don't have any answers to your questions; but I do want to welcome you to CC.

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    Thanks. Medical incompetence is astounding! My husband had got to the point where he too thought I was making it up/feeling 'indifferent' towards him. There was no indifference, there is NO FEELING! It's so hard to explain to people because I can walk, they assume I'm 'normal', whatever that is

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    It's so good to have somewhere to talk where people understand. thank you thank you thank you

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    The only way to know what is really happening with your neurogenic bladder is to see a good neurologic urologist and get urodynamics done. It would be unusual with cauda equina syndrome or a conus injury to have bladder spasm or any bladder tone at all, but it is possible if you have an incomplete disruption of S2-4.

    I am going to move this to the Care forum as it is not really a new injury issue.


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    I just had video urodynamics last Friday and was told that my 'spasms' can't be spasms. What do spasms feel like?

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    Many people don't feel their bladder spasms at all, and if you have no bladder function during your urodynamics, then you may just have a type of neuropathic pain related to your catheterizations.


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    The 2 times I know my bladder is spasming is when all of a sudden, I have urine shooting out of my mitrofanoff and I get a sudden sharp twinge in my lower abdomen. The spasm and pressure, I guess, forces urine out of my mitrofanoff, rather than forcing it back into my kidneys. So far, I have yet to find a medicine that will help reduce this.

    There has been several times where I can't get a catheter in fast enough, before the spasm shoots urine out my belly button, and it makes it hard to keep the catheter in me (it wants to shoot back out with the urine). I had the same trouble when I used to cath through my urethra. When I had a urodynamics done last year, it was discovered that I had high pressure in my bladder, and the uro told me that this can make spasms worse.


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    bladder spasms

    [quote=SCI-Nurse if you have no bladder function during your urodynamics, then you may just have a type of neuropathic pain related to your catheterizations.

    Hi, Thanks Jessie. I'm a bit different in that I use intermittment self catheters - the nifty self lubricating, disposable little lipstick sized things you can fit in your handbag
    RE the 'pain'. That's what my consultant said. I always figured that pain would be a sensation of well 'pain' though. hence my question here. This just feels like a contraction within the bladder that shoots the catheter out sometimes or just stops the flow when i know there's more in there. Does that sound like what you're describing/thinking of?

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    When i get a Bladder Spasm i get almost a burning/stinging/in my bladder, and i feel pressure, in which if i dont cath within atleast and hourish, itrs coming out on its own.

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