How do caregivers hold down a regular job?, I am a single father taking care of my 17 yr old son who is c5-6 quad, I have been running my own business since 1997, i like what I do as I can make my own hours, my problem is since my son got hurt back in 2001, my business has been going down hill, I put more time caring for him and less time into my business, I have been thinking I may be forced to get a 9-5, 5 day a week job, but I have no one to help with my son.
He has to get up at 5:25 am for school,cath, dress, breakfast, groom, go out to bus at 6:30am, gets home at about 2:30pm, I do have someone who comes over to cath him at that time, then he is on his own til I get home or my younger daughters get home, bed about 9:00pm, undress, cath, bowel and shower(every other day on bowel, shower every third day), done about 10:30-11:00pm, 12:00am cath and turn.
I do all this myself and get vary exhausted, and little sleep, any ideas? thanks