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Thread: Anyone know much about Balder wheelchairs?

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    Question Anyone know much about Balder wheelchairs?

    Anyone know much about Balder wheelchairs? I was looking at wheelchair standers and told this was a great chair, but cant find much info on it here in USA.

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    You mean this

    I only have a Permobil Trax for outside, but I know many people using the Balder here.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I have asked the same question on other boards and never got a response.
    I met the US partner in Houston 6 years ago and spent a few minutes driving a Balder that was much too small for me. I'd have to say it was similar to a Permobil, although there was a lot of rear caster flutter.
    In the end, I went with a Permobil C2K. Just felt more comfortable with a more established company. They're supposed to be quite expensive - might be harder to get insurance approval.
    I'd probably take a look at one again.

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    woman from Europe, I saw that page. Has anyone found an actual company website for balder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyarmy64
    Has anyone found an actual company website for balder?
    It's a British company:


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    Actually, it is made in Sweden. Here is a link to Scandinavian Medical, formerly known as Scan Medical, the North American distributor for Balder...

    Permobil recently released their new C500 VS Stander. I haven't seen my rep's demo yet, but the legrests now operate independently of the backrest, the STF can be as low as 18.5", and the seat elevator is now 10". They revamped their web site. I actually found it to be fairly entertaining...

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    I have had a Balder for about 3 years and it is absolutely incredible engineering device tht allows you to be in almost any position while still driving. They have poor marketing but a great chair...the best standr I believe.

    Hope that helps?!
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    US info

    Info I have:

    Balder:713,864.1460 – TX Carlos Saez

    I'm going with the new Permobil youth (because I'm small) stander because it seems the lowest , and I actually liked that bar at the chest to lean on. My therpist had some reservations about Balderthat I forget--maybe difficulty with parts or service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random
    Info I have:

    Balder:713,864.1460 – TX Carlos Saez
    Scott Westfall, who owns Scandinavian Medical, acquired distribution rights for Balder in the US over a year ago. He lives here in Northeast Ohio and can be reached at (866)652-2806.

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    Random: I believe that Carlos Saez was the man I talked to that day. I don't know if they are actually more expensive than a Permobil, but I think that is the common perception. A couple of people I talked to said it was hard to justify to insurance because of the cost.

    SurfCat: Have you had to make any repairs or order parts yet? I was concerned that they wouldn't have much of a parts inventory in the US. Do you have the front drive or rear drive model?

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