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Thread: One year Post injury

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    I was injured 10-13-2005, so it's been a long 3 year rollercoaster ride for me. I'm glad you made it one year, and hope you make it many more.

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    Yeah I graduated on time with the rest of my class. I even got to walk at the ceremony, but I had teachers come and visit me in the hospital-before and after therapy. It help pass the dead time

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    stay strong my friend. it's been 13 months PO for me. i have good days n bad days. seem like nerve pain n low back pain is my main prob. startin n stoppin new meds sucs, but they all say it's gets better so i just keep hopin n prayin 4 that
    I have a spinal cord injury...a spinal cord injury DOES NOT have me!

    walking quad-Central Cord Syndrome

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    ! yr 2 mo post, and I'm pissed at insurance companies. I had rehab Jan-jun, hosp didn't bill out correctly, then when they did, found out i owed $50-$60 for each treatment. Twice a week for 6 mo, plus $2,500 out of pocket, plus all the Dr co-pays, and I was para'd in surgery, figure that. Now, I find there was infection in nthere, it's on hardware, so meds til 18 mo. out and now i have another surgery to take out all the hardware
    But, i'm in the gym, have lost 14LBS in 3 weeks , and stronger.
    It feels GOOOOD to be stronger,(huh, Van Dam?)
    I hope you continue doing well, and keep exercising.

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