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Thread: Is Knowledge growig exponentially?

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    Is Knowledge growig exponentially?

    Here is the number of billions of static web pages on internet.

    Here is the number of patent applications

    Here is the number of science citation papers

    There is no question that the amount of knowlege is growing exponentially but, if the number of people who are know have not increased, this also means that ignorance is increasing exponentially, as the following article suggests

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    From the article, "Thus even though our knowledge is expanding exponentially, our questions are expanding exponentially faster. And as mathematicians will tell you, the widening gap between two exponential curves is itself an exponential curve. That gap between questions and answers is our ignorance, and it is growing exponentialy. In other words, science is a method that chiefly expands our ignorance rather than our knowledge."

    Whether we've identified or haven't identified what we don't know doesn't change the quantity of our ignorance. Science allows us to better quantify the dimensions of the unknown but the author implies this is the same as creating the ignorance.

    The article looks to be a clever way to poke at our collective ego by pointing out that we are a long way away from knowing everything.
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