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    any suggestions

    Mom is back home now, and very happy to be so. She has been wanting me to post this question for a while now.
    At the hospital, they used a special shower cap or something similair to that to wash her hair. Apparently they would warm it up or something like that, put it on her head, then dry her hair when complete.
    Now that she's back home, she wanted to know if anyone had any prior experiences like this, or any suggestions. She wants to have the caregiver wash her hair, but she isn't supposed to lay on her back at all due to the surgery healing. If anyone has any input, she would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. <3

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    We use these sometimes where I work. The person can lay on their side or their back. You need to be able to drain it into a bucket at bedside:

    Inflatable bed shampoo tray

    You can also purchase those shampoo caps she describes, although they are not cheap. They can be warmed in a regular microwave.

    Here is the cheapest home-grown method.


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    She can't lay on her back at all, so i think the shower cap thing would probably work best.
    Much thanks for your response and the link

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    I think what you're looking for is: "Comfort Personal Cleansing Hair. No Mess, Rinse-free shampoo in a cap with conditioner" It's made by SAGE products, Inc. ( It can be purchased at Walgreens, if you don't have one in your area you can get it here:

    You heat them in a microwave.

    My Aunt used it on my cousin in his last days with cancer & it worked great for him. She gave me the three she had left after my cousin passed. I tried it once & it does great on the hair, but my scalp still didn't feel as good as it would with a regular wash, but it's much better than nothing.

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