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Thread: Best way to fire an aggressive PCA?

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    Hi, Theo,

    The aide is employeed by the agency. It is not your responsibility to let the aide go. It is the job of the home health agency. Don't let them try to get you to do anything like this. Even if you were looking forward to it, you letting her go would be inappropriate.

    In a former life I was a V.P of a large home health agency. Any agency worth two cents would not even try to put you in the position to fire one of their employees.

    If the person with whom you're communicating at the agency continues to push you to fire the aide, ask for that person's supervisor and continue that until you reach someone with some sense. Or, call your medicaid contact and go that route.

    I'm with Joe in that I'd also get another agency!

    Good Luck.

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    Originally posted by Theophania:

    they tell me i need to fire them on my own to become more independent.
    That's bullshit. I hate when people use that line as an excuse/copout. Joe & Bette are right... it's time to move on. Hope everything turns out for the best. Keep us posted. if living w/ a SCI isn't hard enough.

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    egads cupcake! i fired a pca today. i believe my exact words wer 'you don't work for me anymore bitch!' but you should just swich agencies.

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    Have you communicated with your insurance/Medicaid as to the way the company is behaving about this?

    PS - Meant to tell you before - love the glasses!

    What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. - Margaret Mead

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    Bette - Please check your private topics! Thank you!

    What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. - Margaret Mead

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    Theo, agencies say that crap all the time, "you need to be in charge. It'll make you more independent". Yeah, whatever.

    Sit the person down (with a friend present if you're uncomfortable) and say we need to talk about a couple of things. Inform them this is the way things need to be. You work for me, and I expect you to do x, y, z. If you can't do that, then see ya!

    If she's being that much of a bitch, she's probably hoping you'll fire her. Get backup, and set her ass free.


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