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Thread: Hiring a PCA

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    Hiring a PCA

    OK, so I'm going to be looking for someone for 2 hours on weekday mornings. I am going through a company that helps place, recruit and refer aides and deals with payroll etc. but I'm still technically on self managed care. What do I need to know? Ask? Watch out for?

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    Hmmmmm, so many things to ask!!!!

    This is a combined list from me and from my husband Chad, who is C4 quad complete (of 16 years) who has had and interviewed MANY, many PCAs.

    * what is your experience with caregiving and specifically with SCinjured persons?
    * what are your expectations with this job? (then graphically and explictly describe the duties, including digistim or the "worst" thing the PCA will have to do and watch the BODY LANGUAGUE for the reaction, not the words)
    * can I have your social security number to do a background search (even though the agency does this allegedly, DO IT YOURSELF TOO Chad says, he has learned this the hard way!!! It's well worth the $25 search on the internet on their social to find out if they have criminal record)
    * what is your driving record? (even if they do not drive for you, it's indicative of their personality if they have alot of violations)
    * is there anything you won't do? (e.g. won't clean the bathroom if I ask you, etc)
    * what were your last 3 jobs and why did you leave them?

    That will give you a good start!

    Good luck!!!!

    Ami (with alot of help from Chad!)

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    Thanks. I'm so nervous, my partners been doing my care for almost 2 years and before that it was directly through an agency.

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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