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Thread: web site design software for dummies?

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    web site design software for dummies?

    I've had a pretty basic website for my business for years and I'm wondering if its worth paying for a new one or better to make it myself. Are there programs that are simpler these days? It would be nice to be able to make changes easily myself without having to explain everything to a webmaster.

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    Check your ISP, they usually have free tools.
    Or has some too.

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    If this is for a dynamic website you may want to take a look at (content management system) WordPress and I have heard good things about Drupal.
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    I use Front Page and have very little difficulty using it. I think any webpage design requires a bit of artistry no matter what program is used.

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    If you use a Mac by any chance, check out Rapidweaver:

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    If you have a Mac, iWeb 2.0.1 is now available with iLife 08. I definitely qualify as a dummie but find iWeb incredibly easy and full of bells and whistles I've yet to develop, podcasting is one example.

    Google iWeb vs. Rapidweaver for good reviews. Most lean toward RW but were written prior to iLife 08.

    To publish your website with iWeb, you need a .Mac account ($99 per year). Apple then basically acts as your host, includes 10Gs of storage, and access to lots of other features.

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    depends a lot on the type of expansion you want and what you want the site to do. if you're just looking to add news posts or whatever, there's several blog programs to choose from that aren't too difficult to install. if you're looking to do some heavy dynamic site, though, you may want to hire someone. you could probably get some good quotes on a project over at

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    There are a number of programs out there, but they all need some bit of a learning curve to run well and get exactly what you want. I'm one of those webmasters, and have been for several years. Going on your own is easier in some aspects, and possibly less expensive, but be careful to watch regulations and compatibility.
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    Realmac software is the only way to go if you have a mac.

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    You can take a look at.

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