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Thread: UTI or Colonization?

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    UTI or Colonization?

    I had a cystoscopy done on Sept. 12th. Apparently, because I waited 2 years, the ulcer that I have in my bladder was HUGE, but he corterized (sp?) it.

    I spent the following 2 weeks bleeding and with frequent ADs. He sent me to the ER for IV antibiotics... No blood in urine when I got to the ER, but doc said there was an infection, it was my choice to be admitted or go home with Microbid... I obviously chose the latter one.

    Week later go to my regular MD.. they take a urine sample from my leg bag... comes back positive but resistant to Microbid and ALL oral antibiotics... My Uro tells me that if I want to get rid of the infection, I gotta go in the hospital for a week... NO!

    BTW bleeding stopped 2.5 weeks after cysto... ADs come and go at their own will.

    Urine DOES stink like infection and I DO drinks lots of water. No fever, chills, nor any other symptoms.

    I have a script for another uro test, but have to do it from a fresh new foley... Will do the test, but should I REALLY consider going in the Hosp for a week??????????

    No, right? Good! Thanx!
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    If you really need to get rid of it (to be discussed with your doc since you are asymptomatic) with injectable antibiotics there are many alternatives to hospital admission for a week:

    - some antibiotics can be prepared in little pressurized containers that anyone or yourself can administer IV at home without having to stay at the hospital
    - some antibiotics can be given IM (intramuscularly) from a relative with little training, it's even easier if it only has to be given once a day (e.g. ceftriaxone). You could even just go the hospital or clinic once a day to get your injection in such a case
    - another less orthodox solution would be to try a course of Cipro by mouth even though the bacteria are resistant to it since the high concentration it will reach in your bladder could be enough to kill the bacteria (resistance to the antibiotic in culture is determined in a way to make sure that it would kill the bacteria if it was to be in your blood for example, since higher concentrations are reached in urine with Cipro, it could be good enough). It's obviously not something you want to try when you are sick with fever etc, but in your case, since you seem asymptomatic and don't want to go the the hospital ...

    Keep us updated.
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    Will discuss it with my Uro.
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    Taking a culture from a leg bag is bad technique, and totally invalid for making any decision about treatment. You must either have the specimen aspirated from your indwelling catheter at the catheter connector, or if reflex voiding, get a straight catheterized specimen.

    Look into either home health care coverage for your IV antibiotics, or having a family member learn how to do these for you. Many home health agencies have IV pumps that can be pre-programmed for several doses a day. Generally Medicare will pay for up to two visits daily for IV antibiotic administration, and if you need it more often it may be possible to have them pre-fill and program the pump for you. You would need to learn how to set up the tubing (get a PICC line) and clean and flush the connector safely.


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