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Thread: wheelchair cake topper for wedding

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    wheelchair cake topper for wedding

    Anyone know someone who would make one of these? I have seen them online but they want at least 200 to 3200 dollars.....

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    toppers are cakes can be quite expensive.

    Perhaps someone could give you their used one?
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    Liz, I'm from the old cake= topper...

    Anyhow...redroc, check this out...

    Not sure how old the ebay ad is, but this does come unpainted and is lead free...

    Could this be used for one part of the cake topper, and a separate standing woman be used for the other part?

    At around $2 plus $3 shipping, the price IS right...

    Take care


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    I saw a topper at Michael's just this last week that has the bride and groom sitting. It is designed for them to sit on the edge of the cake with their legs hanging over the edge but a skilled cake decorator could easily build a little wheelchair under either figure with royal icing or marzipan.

    Personally, I prefer flowers or something a little less hokey than the figures on the top of a wedding cake, but if that is what you want...


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    perfect wedding cake topper

    my friends had this on their cake 3 weeks ago, the bride is dragging the groom away lol. you could get just a lil wheelchair and have it be toppled over
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    my friend vinny is famous

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    do what you want. who cares what's "in" or "out" -- it's your wedding.

    my wife found a topper she liked at Michaels for ~$25-30, IIRC.

    here's our cake, if this gives you any alternative ideas:

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    I made this while in rehab for my wedding to's not a work of art exactly.....but the fact that I made it in an art room surrounded by other SCI's at a pretty tough point of my life, makes it valuable to us sentimentally......

    It was a wedding at the racetrack where Sam and I met, where we used to meet during our courting, and where I finally crashed.......

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