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    pain management doctor

    what should i expect when i see one for the first time.


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    They will assess your pain level and and ask you detailed question and then come up with a treatment plan.

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    Mine did not do this, but I've heard that a lot of them ask you really detailed questions about past alcohol and drug use and ask you to sign a "contract" regarding how narcotic medication will be used.

    I've found that writing down symptoms ahead of time and giving this to the doctor will sometimes keeps patient and doctor focused and helps prevent patient from forgetting to bring up important stuff.

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    Prepare for the visit. Take a list of all your meds. Danine's suggestion is good; also write down any questions you might have (so easy to forget at the time). The contract is likely a requirement of the individual practice - my wife had to sign one. It's partially a matter of covering their own rear - the doc will always have problems with people coming to them for the purposes of obtaining narcotics, etc. for sale or recreational use, and so they must be cautious. It may take many months to build up a good relationship - and trust - with the pain specialist, but it's worthwhile.
    - Richard

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    Hi Jack,

    I agree with the other down anything and everything.

    My own is a spinal PM with a background in Internal Medicine, Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology. His speciality is basically the cervical spine although he handles so much more. I just love him! And I have never had to sign a contract. I am not sure why this is; just never had to sign one. I asked my NS about this once since my PM was with that group. My NS told me they just don't believe in them and figure we are all adults. His words not mine. Anyway, my PM went on to become the Director of a spine/pain clinic at another hospital. He is really good and while I hate driving even further I would follow him to the ends of the earth. But it is true, you may have to develop a rapport over time. I didn't run into that although I have heard some people have. He and I hit it off right away. And I am soooo glad I found him. It doesn't hurt either that he has had two cervical fusions and has lumbar problems. Not that I wish it on him at all. But he "gets" the kind of pain we go through and is very, very empathetic.

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    Every one I've seen was useless. Either they didn't believe the intensity and multiple sensations of my pains, or the ones who did couldn't help.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    My PM is great in many ways. He has never refused giving me more medication. But he doesn't think outside the box. When I was having increased pain that turned out to be a correctable surgical problem , he did not help to identify this and I had to rely on myself visiting other docs to identify the true problem. He also didn't refer me to the ancillary service that has had the greatest effect over my pain - biofeedback. My therapist made that referral and I am grateful for that.
    Those concerns being said, I still rely and like my PM doc. I know his limitations now and go there for one thing, medications .

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    They will want to do a procedure. Theres no money for them spending an hour talking to a new patient and handing out a prescription. Implantable pumps and stimulators are where they will eventually try to steer you.

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    Very scary... I have an appointment soon at the interdisciplinary pain center at the university hospital here in Freiburg, Germany. I've already filled out a questionaire for them. I wonder what kind of exams await me. Does anyone know what machines are available to help them with diagnosis?

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