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Thread: Moving to Rhode Island

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    Moving to Rhode Island

    Anyone out there in Rhode Island who will share their experiences with PCAs, independent living, accessible housing, and other disability resources there? I'm looking at moving to Kingston next year and I'm interested in any tips or advice you can offer.

    Thank you

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    Does this mean you are getting away from your stepfather?

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    Originally posted by zillazangel:

    Does this mean you are getting away from your stepfather?
    Possibly, but moving presents a lot of obstacles and I'm trying to get as much assistance and information as I can.

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    I would start out with a call to the closest Independent Living Center in that area. Here is a list for Rhode Island:

    Ocean State CIL
    59 West Shore Road
    Warwick, RI 02889-1140
    Ph: 401-738-1013
    TDD: 401-738-1015
    Fax: 401-738-1083

    PARI Independent Living Center
    Independence Square
    500 Prospect St.
    Pawtucket, RI 2860
    Ph: 401-725-1966


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    Thank you for linking that site, KLD They've been an incredible help to me. BTW, as a nurse, do you know of nurses who would be willing to work privately with someone on an on-call basis? For instance, I need to see a nurse once a month, at least, and have one on call for the rare emergency and it'd be much easier to hire someone privately than to deal with an agency and the high insurance costs.

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    Do you really need an RN for this, or just a back-up PCA? Most RNs are reluctant to work private duty except through an agency for insurance and liability reasons, plus many are so in-demand at hospitals, etc. that they can make much better money working an occasional extra shift or overtime that you would probably not be able to afford private duty for an RN unless you could find someone who is currently not actively practicing. Keep in mind that there is no reason to believe that the typical RN knows much (if anything) about SCI.


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