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Thread: my son is staying in rehab for two more weeks

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    my son is staying in rehab for two more weeks

    Since they can't find a sub acute rehab place for a 14 yo, he will stay there until our house is done ,,whew a big headache gone. We are still waiting for the Shriner's hospital in Philly to get back to us. We just find out our insurance has no limit on rehab... but the kicker is that the medicsl andrehab plan has to justify the amount. I remembered i did this with my knee rehab for more therapy despite what the rehab plan called for. Anyway, things go on

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    Great. Now he can work on maximizing the return he has. A subacute "rehab" center is just a nursing home with 1 hour of therapy daily, and would be full of older patients who are there because they cannot medically tolerate 3 hours of therapy daily. I would avoid these just as I would nursing homes, esp. as they usually have little or no SCI experience or expertise (esp. in the nursing staff).


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