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Thread: hard to login

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    hard to login

    Im not sure if this has been brought up, but whenever i sign in it takes like 5-10 trys for it to actually sign me in. it just takes me back to same page to log in at.

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    You are having trouble because of your browser not downloading your most recent page. After you log in, press the reload page button. This forces the browser to reload the most recent page and you will find that the page will show that you are logged in. You can avoid all these problems by clicking the button that says "remember me". This logs you in automatically.


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    I click "remember me" everytime i log in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelz1989
    I click "remember me" everytime i log in.
    Check your browser preferences and make sure that your cookies are turned on. If your browser is not accepting cookies, this is what happens. The browser must accept cookies is it is to automatically log you.


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