So my mother is having this issue with her computer. It has just started but has been working fine since December of last year. She's got a Dell Inspiron running Vista Home Premium with integrated/on-board video and is using a Samsung LCD - connecting the 2 via DVI.

When she moves the mouse or hits the keyboard or whatever to wake the computer up, the light on the monitor flickers but never turns blue and nothing ever comes up on screen.

I had her change the settings so that the computer never goes into hibernation. With this change, everything works fine.

I had her connect the monitor to a laptop that was set to hibernate - same results.

She called Dell tech support who told her that it is a problem with the monitor or cable, which they do not support. Before I accept this answer, is it possible that the problem is with the integrated graphics adapter (which would be supported by Dell) or is that avenue not really worth going down?