Hello anybody, I was searching for answers and home remedy relief for my pain and found you guys. Now let me tell my story, but before I start I have read through a couple of stories and have to be thankful for my pain and suffering compared to others. I am 47 female hairstylist for 19yrs or until my car accident Aug 23 2008. I was hit head on and the vehicle bounced off and struck a second time on left. GOD and angels were in the back seat because I jumped out of the car without a scratch on my body. The only thing that was hurting was my left hand. The next day I did go to the emergency room because my hand swelled up during the night. YES... it is broke the first career shock. With that situation to deal with I got a lawyer(another drama story for later) we know the procedure they sent me to a ciropractor YES...second career shock large hernia disk c5-c6. PAIN PAIN PAIN. I dont have any health insurance for the theropy that everybody is telling me I need. The doctors told me surgery, traction, shots, I really dont know which way to and like I said no health insurance and no income at this point. My main concerns are my health and howI haveto deal with what I have been told and read A PERMANENT INJURY. I live in Florida with is one of the NO-FAULT state not much $$ Im expecting to get out of this nightmare. I live alone so no one really to help or to talk to. Everday I wake up like I have a hangover my body aches numbness in my fingers shoulders etc etc..I get scared alot only because there is nothing I can do about anything right now that can allow me to relax and heal. I get angry at the person that hit me, his TRUCK had little damage compared to my totalled CAR. Hope to find answers thank for reading my story