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Thread: Introducing L1 SCI

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    Wow you have certainly come a long way. Quite an adventure but like you said, you made it thus far and you will keep making it. I send my best to you for a full recovery.

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    Thanks for all the welcomes and suggestions for best using the site. I'm really glad that a site like this exists! It's been a tough few months so far, but I'm trying to keep focused and stay positive.

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    welcome to the family.
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    Welcome to CC. What a scary accident to have gone through. I too am a T12-L1, (and C3-C4). The paralysis is due to the T12-L1 injury. I too know about the horrible pain. If there's anything I can help with, just give me a holler!
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    Welcome to CC Molly. This site has been a godsend for myself and my family.

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    Welcome to cc

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    You seem to in good spirits. Are you walking with braces? I did at T11/12 years ago. Exercise is good.

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