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Thread: Introducing L1 SCI

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    Introducing L1 SCI

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking on the board for a while now, and figured it was time to introduce myself and start contributing. The board has been a great resource over the past few months!

    I was injured on 5/11/08 in a small plane crash. My husband and I were in Namibia beginning a 5-week safari through Africa. It was my dream trip and we were to be celebrating our 6-year wedding anniversary. After our trip, we were going to take a break from traveling and start a family. On our 2nd day, we boarded a Cessna 210 to fly to our first safari camp. Shortly after take-off, we flew into power lines and crashed into a rail yard. My husband was uninjured (thankfully) and I suffered fractures at T12 and L1, with spinal cord damage at L1. The next day I was air evac'd to Johannesburg, South Africa for surgery. After recovering 12 days in SA, we flew home to So Cal for rehab. 30 hours to get home on 2 commercial flights after being in a plane crash...not the best time of my life, but we made it!

    Now, I'm just taking it day by day. I've been fortunate to have some good recovery and am now considered a neurologic level of L3. Still not "functionally" walking, but am working hard to make that happen. Right now pain is my biggest obstacle. I'm sure I'll be posting for help on that in the near future!

    Thanks for reading. I look forward to contributing to the board and continuing to learn from all of you!

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    Welcome to CC uscmolly. Sorry about the wreck. Post often.

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    Welcome. Wow, scary injury story. Glad you found CC - I read almost every post I could in the first few months as a member.

    If you find a member with a similar level or pain issues to you then it's helpful if you click on their profile and check out previous posts.
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    Good golly Miss Molly ... we are glad you are here.

    Thanks for introducing yourself and if you ignore the "family" in-fighting which occurs from time to time, you will find most of us caring and hospitable.

    Glad you came out of the lurky swamp! William


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    Wow... so sorry to hear about your accident. We thought it was hard when my father was injured while out of his home state, but to be stranded in a foreign country.... Sounds like you were very lucky and you got some good care.

    My father also was initially L1 and has improved to L3 after inpatient rehab. We can relate to the pain..... Neurontin, stretching, hot packs to the back and the occasional Tylenol #3 have helped him.

    Good luck with your recovery.

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    Hi Molly,

    Welcome. My son is a similar level of injury and function. He's about a year and a half out. Functional walking took a lot of time to reach. And there are many instances that still make him opt for his chair instead of crutches, such as wet floors, bad weather, fatigue, pain, etc.

    Have you tried using a recumbent exercise bike? We adapted one for my son (he's 16 now) and I cannot even begin to say what a huge difference that made. Beyond the fact that it helped build up what leg muscles he can move, it really helped him maintain a cardio exercise routine and just improved his mood overall. He knows now, when he gets down, a spin on the bike can really lift his spirits. More recently we've been able to adapt a regular recumbent bike (three wheels -- two under the fanny, one in front) for his use. The freedom he gets riding around the neighborhood is just priceless. Early on, we were able to develp a good PT/exercise routine for him and that was a big help too. Feel free to send me a private message for details.

    Know that you are still new to this and things will get better with time. There will be tears and frustration and pain, but I swear it will get easier. We're routing for you!

    Best wishes!
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    Hey Molly. Welcome to CC.

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    I am sorry you had to find us. If you have any questions, esp about facilities here in LA, feel free to ask away.

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    Welcome Molly!

    Quit lurking and post away!
    I hope u find what you're looking for here.

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    Sorry your journey brings you here, but you are most welcome. As you know by now, there's a lot of good information here. Reading the archives is helpful. Engaging in the convos can help in many ways. This is a smart, interesting, funny, caring and resourceful group of folks offering the largest collective experience base on SCI that I have encountered.

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