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Thread: the Diving Bell and the Butterfly

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    the Diving Bell and the Butterfly

    OK, who's seen it?

    Is there already a thread for this? If so, I'm sorry- but it's the movie about the man paralyzed head to toe with 'shut in' syndrome? He can only blink one eyelid and writes a book...

    Is this based on a true story? Anyone else thing the movie was crazy good?
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    Yes, it is based on a true story. Look it up on Wikipedia. It's the story of a Frenchman in the late 90's.

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    Jean-Dominique Bauby, editor of Elle. the book is good, too. locked in syndrome.

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    It is called "locked-in" syndrome, which results from injury to or a stroke of the pons (at the base of the brain). The person is fully cognitively intact but unable to move at all, or only one small body part (for him, it is one eye lid). The book was even better than the movie, I thought. Here are the previous discussions:


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    read the book n watched the movie..both are good!
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    I started a thread on it ages ago (used the French title, maybe a mistake).

    Loved the book and the film. Watched it with friends, who thought it would upset me.

    I felt hugely for Bauby, he was a larger than life character apparently almost underplayed in the flashback scenes.

    On a personal level it made me feel lucky to live the life I still do.
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    I thought the book was great and then saw the film half expecting it to fail in catching the spirit of the man and the complexities and pain of the situation. But it didn't - it was equally great - with wonderful imagery, a really good soundtrack too and of course terrific acting. Julian Schnabel, artist turned film-maker directed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino
    I started a thread on it ages ago (used the French title, maybe a mistake).
    what? we dumb americans don't speak french, mon papillon...but i do, somewhat.

    are you familiar with this true story, also made into a movie?
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    Some of the main character's living relatives took issue with some of the plot in the film, stating that events like the telephone call from a mistress wasn't true, but shown in film only for dramatic effect. They were afraid such discrepancies would mar his character.

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