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    live in caregiver

    I live in Canada, and I'm about to build a house. I'm going to need a live in caregiver on a 24/7 basis. I have absolutley no idea where to even start looking. I know I don't want any one through an agency, cause they charge way to much money. I also know I'm going to need more then one person. Does any one know where I can start?

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    I am not familiar with the funding issues for this in Canada. Perhaps one of our Canadian members will know. If you are planning on doing this with your own funds, it can be quite expensive, although offering board and room as part of the compensation can help somewhat. Students are a good resource for live-in, but you might also want to explore referrals from women's shelters or the unemployment office. You have to generally target single people for these jobs.

    In my state you must give a live in worker at least 1 day a week off, so yes, you would need at least 2 people.

    Here is a good resource in general on how to make up your needs assessment, job description, run ads, interview, screen, hire (and when needed, fire) your own PCAs.

    There are also a couple books you can purchase as resources: (download catalog and look for the book on attendant management)


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