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Thread: live-in caregiver resourses

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    live-in caregiver resourses

    are there any online resourses to find live-in caregivers, what about foreign caregivers.


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    I have looked, and not found anything like this. I would be very careful hiring foreigners who are not in the country legally. If the INS shows up, not only can you be fined for hiring them, but they will be immediately detained and you are suddenly without an attendant.

    Students sometimes are interested in live-in situations, as are some special groups such as women looking for a place to live and a job when leaving a shelter for battered women. We have had some success for our clients in recruiting from both groups. Contact the social work office at your local shelters for battered women. Also contact the student employment office as well as the schools of nursing, PT, OT or other health professions at your local colleges. Sometimes they will announce job openings in class (which is starting soon) and often have bulletin boards where they will allow you to post job openings.

    Keep in mind that even a live-in PCA needs at least one day off a week. Make plans for a part-timer for this as well.


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    As KLD said, be very careful about foreigners, if you are doing a private pay. Not only can there be INS issues, but we ran into a situation with a Russian guy who was running a 'stable' of aides; we would pay him $35/hour (!) for an aide, of which I'm sure the aide only saw a very small portion.

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    You can try this URL below. Good luck!


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