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Thread: could spine problems cause mild AD?

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    could spine problems cause mild AD?

    Is it possible that my spinal issues (besides the sore), including scoliosis, disk problems, and the rubbing scapulas, could cause mild AD?

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    I would say without any doubt it would cause AD. Just like any other type of stimulation below the sensory level.

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    Hi Alan,
    Yes, my understanding is that increased pain, no matter what its source, can be responsible for AD. Sorry that you are in such awful pain.

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    Ay irritation or discomfort below the level of injury can cause AD.


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    Agree with the rest, Alan. For me though, injured at C5/6, pain above about my diaphragm area has not caused AD in the past. So, from around my armpits down to diaphragm area just hurts bad when I have noxious pain there, but does not normally cause AD, though I have no sensory feeling in that area.

    I hope you get some relief soon, Alan.

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