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Thread: Contaminated urine culture?

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    Contaminated urine culture?

    Every time I take in my urine culture they always tell me it's contaminated?? I do this procedure as sterile as I can as it comes right from the catheter into a sterile container. Is there any particular reason why it would be contaminated all the time? My doctor tells me everything is fine and it's nothing to worry about...... Can someone give me a clear view of why this is?

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    No idea, you don't touch the inside of the container in anyway do you? I maybe end up with a bad sample maybe once every two or three years. It happens.

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    Every time there is more than one organism or a certain type of orgaism, the lab says it is "contaminated, please resubmit". But this is what is inSCI person's bladder. We just ignore that & tell them to run the C&S to tell us what organisms they find, how many and what abx will kill them. We don't usually treat gram + orgaisnms because it is normal skin flora but we treat gram negative.
    Hope it isn't too complicated.

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    Yeah, they're trying to treat you like an AB here. You probably have several kinds of bugs in there. Do you have a urologist? If not, you might want to get one. Somebody doesn't know wth they're talking about. It isn't the lab's fault, they don't know you cath. It's the doctor that is telling you to re-submits fault.

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    I agree with Betheny. There hasn't been a time in ages and ages when I have not had some contamination in my culture. It's not a problem, and is pretty much the norm. If I am feeling ill than it might be a different story, but just having bacteria is my norm.

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