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    After 4 years and battles with Insurance, I am trying to get an attendent for my brother Jim, c5, TBI and Type I diabetic. I hired a PCA from the paper two years ago, trained him and had to let him go because he was manipulating Jim for money and less care (remember Jim has TBI and agrees too readily). I paid him $12.00/hour 3-4 hours a day. Now Workman's Comp will only help with attendent if they have Worker's Comp and through an agency. So, this last 2 weeks I have been training a lady (CNA). Well out of that time she called off 11 days! The kicker was the call at midnite Friday from the CNA's sister asking for money for a medical emergency of the CNA. So I called today and discontinued her through the agency. The agency was getting $15.00/hour from Worker's Comp and paying the CNA only $7.00/hour, which made me extremely uncomfortable, after all McDonald's pays $10.00/hour. And, since an agency won't allow insulin on sliding scale, I had to be here to do that anyway. I'm thinking to ask for a LPN, to be able to give the insulin and hopefully a more professional attendent. What do you think? Any others out there with advice? You would think going thru an agency would be easier, but actually it took us 2 failed interviews to get this one, due to unprofessionalism of different agencies. For example missed interviews, poor knowledge of SCI, and TBI-I'm willing to train but bad preconceived notions of care makes me nervous-it only takes one mistake!
    Yes, I stupidly met the girl and gave her money for her medications, at 2am, with a houseful of guests. No I won't do that again! You just can't get emotionally involved with the PCA, after all I have my own sob story. I felt sorry for her, but made the wrong decision. Who knows what could have met me to pick up the money? Or come to my house while I was gone? Live, learn, get stronger!

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    An LPN will cost considerably more than this. I would try re-negotiating with the insurance to allow you to hire and train your own instead of going through an agency. You have more control, and then can have this person give the insulin as well. I hope you have reported the attempted financial abuse to the agency.

    Never give loans or pay advances to PCAs for just this type of reason. Have a contract that tells the person how many missed days per month and how many late days are reason for termination. Having this all spelled out in advance will make it easier when you do need to get rid of someone.

    A good resources for info on this:


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    You are a good person lilsister, I hope you find someone suitable soon, it is a pity love is not enough alone, your brother would be winning the gold medal for the 100m at the olympics!
    I hope something nice happens to you today.

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    I am so sorry to hear about this. It is extremely difficult to find someone. I've been a nurse for 20 years and have done home care on the side for 10. CNA and PCA are so poorly paid that finding someone qualified and responsible is hard to do. Does your brother qualify for medicaid? In some states medicaid will pay for a family member or friend to be trained and also pay them a wage for caring for a disabled person. Is this an option for you? If not, just keep interviewing people from different agencies. I know this takes a lot of time, but it is worth it in the long run. Don't be embarrassed to turn away anyone you aren't comfortable with. When it comes to trusting a stranger to care for someone you love, you can't be "picky" enough.


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