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Thread: ahhhh THAT'S the definition of serendipity..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen
    I have to admit I do not understand the fine. Yes, it's more than anyone should ever eat, on the other hand, I presume she paid for it and it was her chicken to eat, to excess or otherwise. Like KFC realy cares.....they have made their fortune by feeding greasy chicken (raised in horrendous conditions) to anyone willing to buy it. It's hypocrisy.
    The fine was for the time limit on the car park Eileen
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    I can't eat KFC because the 17 herbs and spices all taste exactly like SALT!

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    The only thing that'll stick is the grease in her arteries..

    A spokesman said: “A parking restriction was introduced to prevent non-KFC customers using the car park.
    It'll be dropped based on her feading her fat face..

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    Maybe they should fine her ACTUAL pounds. Or is it kilos now?

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    I've seen an obese woman on Oprah once describe how she'd eat in the parking lot of restaurants because the stares she received inside were horrible. Maybe this is such an example. Who knows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino View Post

    £150 fine... for staying too long at the KFC

    FAST food fan Natalie Jackson was hit with a £150 fine at KFC — for staying too long gorging on a monster-sized “family bucket”.

    she's gross, but brings up a good thought, if there is no sign posted stating there is a 75 minute limit, then she should fight it, but i bet theres a sign out there
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    Reading the article she made the statement, "we were hungry". Reading your posts, I took it she ate all the food herself. Apparently she had at least one other person with her.

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    Ick! Very disturbing!

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