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Thread: Finally got me a dog

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    Finally got me a dog

    I was so afraid to get a large dog but I am so glad I got her. I found her at the Humane Society. They have had her since she was 11 weeks old and now she is 6 1/2 months old. Her name is Annah. Full blood silver a black German Shepard. I have taught her to sit, catch treats in the air and any thing I throw she will bring it back to me. She jumps on me in the mornings to get me up.
    Now if I can get her to stay out of the garbage, stop bringing in sticks from outside ( I got a big doggy door) I could have a bomb fire with all she brings in, lol and stop unrolling the toilet paper. She knows when she is bad because she will give me those sad black eyes. She is so smart.
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    She looks like a good dog. Thank you so much for rescuing her.

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    Congrats....she will be a great companion for you.

    In a few years she won't do those things no

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    Great choice. I've heard they are very protective of their families.

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    Lovely dog! I see a strong bond about to form.
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    Cute dog!!. I want another one. I had "booby" since she was a puppy. She got 2 big though. It pulled me out of my chair a couple times while walking it. She would try to chase squirls and lizards all the time. I had to give it back to the humain society, where i got her. A friend that i know who works there found her a new home with a big yard
    I need a dog thats not too big,,,,but still a good protctor. Any ideas?......sory dont wanna hijack your thread.
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    Thank you. She loves me already and is figuring out to move back from the wc. She pesters the cat all the time but my fat cat needs the exercise. Since I live in this big house by myself she will bark at night if she hears something. I was in the shower today and didn't hear someone at the door so she came in the bathroom and was whining real bad and turned the shower off and heard it. WOW, good dog.
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    Thumbs up

    Great looking dog. They are great to have around. I have a full-bred Golden Retriever named Bailey. She'll be 5 this January. Very intelligent dog and one of my many best friends.Glad to hear that you rescued this animal. Good choice, and good luck in forming a strong bond. -Ed-

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    You need a Mexican dog. How do you spell Chihuahua. They are mean as heck. Boy, they are ankle biters. We have had 4 in the family and they are very protective. They may be small but you can't tell them that. My brother has a male miniature wenny dog that will bit the crap out of anyone who gets close to him.
    I want to Rock you Gypsy soul and together we will flow into the Mystic.
    Van Morrison

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    She is Beautiful!! There in nothing better than saving a dog from a potentially bad life. You did a good thing!!
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