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Just sucks.

I will add that I've driven a certain blind woman to a job interview and it was constant yak-yak-yak for 3 hours. I turned the radio off. I think the possibility of being companion starved may be higher for the blind. She had no real perspective of what the job was.

However, on another job interview...this constant talking thing gave her the edge on getting the job. I lost out on the interview, but she was less than capable of actually performing the job.

But dollar for dollar, the vent dependent quad also needs the driver. There are pluses and minuses either way.
You are right mingo, the vent dependent quad also needs the driver and for those expenses related to going to work, at certain times, SSA will reduce the amount of earnings they count by the amount it costs you to be able to work (meds, transport, PCA, etc.), called Impairment Related Work Expenses. It is not a higher SGA but it helps!