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Thread: SGA and blind

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    SGA and blind

    I am wondering why the SGA is higher for the blind than some other disabilities. I can see why it would cost more to be blind, but how did they get the SGA raised for them and no other groups. I would think being a vent dependant quad would also deserve a higher SGA as well.
    SGA for blind is $1570 a month and for nonblind $940.
    I have been curious about this ever since I started having to deal with this SSDI.

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    Because the blind have a great lobby. They also get a federal tax deduction.

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    Glad you asked AddieSue. I've wondered the same.

    Thanks for the explanation AncientG.

    We need to be more visible and more vocal to the powers that be in soooooo many ways.

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    I think AG is largely correct, but where does that lobby come from?
    It's easier for people to comprehend blindness than SCI. With blindness, you get what you see (so to speak) - the effects are obvious. With SCI, most of the effects are kept out of sight - people don't want to hear about them.
    - Richard

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    I don't know if the setup is still the same but there used to be a program especially for the blind where they would have a concession to sell candy, gum, snacks in government buildings. Some of these little stores were the only places you could get a snack during breaks, some I saw looked very prosperous. Again, this was as a result of strong lobbying efforts. They have always been way better organized than the sci or wider wheelchair user community.

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    You are all correct... it is the lobby!

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    state tax deduction for paralyzed

    It's true there's no Federal tax deduction for a paralyzed person, but the state I live in, Michigan, has a state tax deduction if you are paralyzed. I'm wondering if other states also have this. We need a Federal deduction, but like the previous comments, it would take a strong lobby.

    I retired after 20 years of work. I was very fortunate to have gotten the education required for the job I did, but when I did my taxes, I always wondered why no Federal deduction. Also, once you retire you no longer have "work related disability deductions" to take. All these expenses go under "medical" and only a small percentage is allowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue
    I can see why it would cost more to be blind, .... I would think being a vent dependant quad would also deserve a higher SGA as well.
    I have the opposite view. If I were blind, photography and cable TV would mean a lot less to me. I would not pay for car insurance and would not buy or maintain an (gas sucking van) adapted vehicle. I'd probably eat according to how I felt rather than cleaning the plate. And the light bills would be way lower.

    I give the vent dependent quad the higher score on need or deserving more cashola.

    Maybe it's just me.

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    Maybe so but you couldn't drive a van at all so you'd have to hire a chauffer.
    I wonder how much it costs extra to get your stuff in braille. Or you'd have to pay someone to read to you. Or cable would be that much more valued becasue you'd need to hear the news.
    Either way it just plain sucks.

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    Just sucks.

    I will add that I've driven a certain blind woman to a job interview and it was constant yak-yak-yak for 3 hours. I turned the radio off. I think the possibility of being companion starved may be higher for the blind. She had no real perspective of what the job was.

    However, on another job interview...this constant talking thing gave her the edge on getting the job. I lost out on the interview, but she was less than capable of actually performing the job.

    But dollar for dollar, the vent dependent quad also needs the driver. There are pluses and minuses either way.

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