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Thread: Daughter with new SCI

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    Daughter with new SCI

    My daughter was recently injuried in a car accident. She's paralized from the waste down. She broke her C7. Shes also a diabetic with complications and very depressed. I'm at a lost right now. Can anyone give me any advice on how to stay sane and deal with the reality of what has happen?

    Distressed mother
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    I moved this to its own thread so more people with see it.

    Where is your daughter currently?
    What are the plans for her rehab?
    How old is she?
    What is her neurologic level of injury, ASIA score and category?
    What resources does she have as far as health insurance and disability insurance?

    We can help with most of your concerns. Most critical is getting her the right rehab services at a SCI specialty rehab program, and getting her treatment for her depression.

    You may want to post on the caregiver's forum as well as this one. We can help.


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    Welcome Del, you're at a great place for resources. KLD has been working with Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI) for several years and those, like myself, have many years of experience.

    Let us know a little more, and we'll gladly help. You're entering a new reality with your daughter, but one that can be very well lived with in time and learning.
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    Welcome to CC. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter.
    I'll pray for y'all. {hugs}

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    So sorry to hear about your daughter Del, but you will find lots of helpful advice here. I know it feels like the bottom dropped out for you right now, but in time things will stabilize. I am a C5/6 quadraplegic and worked for many years, travel, drive my own vehicle, entertain, eat short I have a "normal" existence even if it is on wheels. I was diagnosed with diabetes five years ago, and the only thing about it that is worse for being in a wheelchair is that I can't exactly drive down my sugars by exercise, so I try to watch my carbs. I am pretty healthy, all things considered. Please write more, and if you have specific questions fire away. Someone will answer them.

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    Welcome to CC, we're all here to listen, and support the two of you on this journey. Just don't be afraid to ask, ANY question, we all have.

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    Sorry to hear about your daughter. Im sure you'll find all your answers here.

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    I'm sorry to hear of your daughter's accident. You naturally sound very upset, so don't forget to take care of you too. I wish I knew what to say. God bless your family.

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    It's a very scary situation at first because you went from one lifestyle to another in a matter of seconds. It's nothing that you were prepared for, but what you have to remember is that she is alive and will get better and stronger with time. You will eventually come to realize that everything is okay and you will learn how to go back to your daily activities. My advice (coming from a partner of a recently injured) is to never give up. EVER. Don't focus on the negative. Focus on the positive, and soon enough the negative will dissappear.
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    My son recently had an accident (July 26, 2008) and his injury is C5 incomplete. He's currently at the rehab center in San Diego.
    First I learn as much as I can about Spinal Cord Injury and understand the level of his injury. What to expect during the rehab and what kind of things he will / can learn to take care himself.
    I also work with his social worker and case manager, we discuss about his independence, his care and his health after rehab.
    Next, looking further ahead. His financial and his education...explore all these options that available for him so when he's ready we can assist him to make decision.
    It is tough to see my son in his condition. I couldn't imaging to put myself in his shoes. Accept his condition as he is today. Be positive and be supportive as much as you can be.
    CC is a best place for support and best place to get informations. Read as much as you can from Cure, Care, Equipments.....

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