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Thread: Question for KLD!

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    Question for KLD!


    Thanks for including the web site for the Take Along Lift in another thread. I checked out the photos, and I'm wondering if this might not be the answer for Brianna. She's moving into an apartment, and the bathroom is giving her fits. It's very small; she's afraid she won't have room for a shower bench, toilet chair, etc. etc. This lift might be the answer to help her be totally independent in her new place. Could you tell me the cost of the lift? Any ideas on the viability of this plan? We would appreciate your input!


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    You cannot use this independently. You must have a caregiver. It is not a good lift for use with a tub or shower stall, but works well to get onto the toilet (even in small spaces) and will work to get onto most toilet seats in a roll-in shower. We got one of the first ones sold, after trying out two prototypes and helping the designer make some changes, so we got a discount, but as I remember at the time it was about $1800.

    There are many lifts on the market designed for home use. I would recommend looking at a wide variety of them and trying them out first. Here is a site that has many links to many different lift companies:

    I would at least want to look at the Arjo Opera, the Arjo Trixie and the Liko Golvo.


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    Thanks for the input, KLD. I appreciate it very much!


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