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Thread: Finding a caregiver without insurace

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    Finding a caregiver without insurace

    I am wheelchair bound and am having trouble finding a competent care provider. I'm waiting on the final processing of my Medicare application since I only have basic insurance with no extended care coverage or Medicare supplement. What do you do when you don't have insurance and can't afford to pay for more than an hour or two every day? Plus, I can't get door-to-door transportation to my appointments. In Moreno Valley, CA, there's only curb-to-curb and the driveway to the sidewalk is a little steep that I can't control the wheels when the chair starts to go fast.

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    Hi, Idicha,

    Try contacting these folks to see if they can help you out: Independent Living Center

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    I don't know if they have it in CA but Im in Mich, and through the local Family Independance Agency I have an adult services worker. The state pays for someone to come out and help me with what needs to be done, whether its help transferring, showering, running errands, cleaning house, etc. The number of hours allowed per month depends on how much help you need, although it still isn't very much. The pay is pretty low too, but it's a start. I believe they are called "Chore" workers. Usually you have to find someone to do it on your own, but my worker was able to give me names of people who had done it before. Right now I have a friend who is helping me. I hope this helps out some. Best wishes...

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    I am currently using an agency that is located in LA County with which I am satisfied. I realize that you would like to have a caregiver for more than one or two hours a day. Would you consider hiring a live-in caregiver and how much will you be able to pay for a 24-hour shift?


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