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Thread: Suprapubic catheter (help)

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    Suprapubic catheter (help)

    I have had a suprapubic catheter 16 fr. For 12 years been a quadriplegic for 23. Repeatedly is at the bottom middle of my belly. My problem is slough is always clogging my catheter I have to get someone to constantly stretch my catheter. Also when I get a my wheelchair my catheter seems to get kinked. Anyone do anything special or wear anything special to keep the catheter in place. Thank you so much for your time and God bless.
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    hi russell,
    is this a new problem? i think you need to figure out what has changed if it is. are you getting enough fluid? how often are you getting the cath changed? maybe a larger size is needed. my uro guy put a 20fr in right away. i change mine every 4-5 weeks. i know there is a solution you can use to irrigate with that will help with crusts, but really your doc will be able to recommend what to use.

    as far as the kinking goes...i tape mine to my thigh and leave just enough play in it so that it doesn't pull in and out, but isn't too much to get folded over. i'm not sure how you guys handle yours.

    i hope you are able to get this figured out. it seems like the cath and bowel issues cause me the most anxiety. i can deal with the rest of my issues.

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    All indwelling catheters, SP or urethral, should be used with some type of securement device that prevents both kinking and tension on the catheter. I like the StatLock Foley, but it can be expensive. Tape can be used, or, when using a leg bag, an elastic/Velcro leg band.

    If your catheter is clogging from encrustation (not slough) then a daily instillation (not irrigation) of Renecidin solution is the best way to control this. Speak to your urologist about this.

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