Ahhh...the dreaded family gathering! Do your relatives think you are mean to your husband because you get mad at him? God forbid a woman ever get mad at her husband of all people! Really Marie...how DARE you?! I know what you mean, we've talked about this one...

I feel like that in another way too, in addition to my first post, not being able to explain to my family, about WHY I can't be more present for them. (God knows if I can't explain things to sane people here, I certainly can't explain ANYTHING to the fruitiest of the fruits at home!) In the beginning, I tried to, without telling Ray's personal business. The eldest control freak, told me oh you don't have to explain, I will just accept what you say (like I was GOING to explain that personal stuff anyway...NOT!!...just TRUST me.) Then she turns around recently and screams at me...I don't understand why you can't blah, blah, blah, blah....!! Now, I got confused...huh? but, but, but, you said you DIDN'T WANT me to explain in detail just last year!

I have learned from this, there is no right answer with some people. Whatever you do or say will be wrong. If you never got mad at your husband, you'd be accused of coddling him! You get mad at him and your'e an evil bitch! Just will always depend on who's company you are in and what mood they happen to be in that day!

Thanks for the book recommendation! I will read that book! I need it! And guess what?...I AM angry!

I am feeling more and more like I am truly not alone with these feelings. Sad that so many can relate, but the good part is well, we're all here and let it out!!

Peace! Carol

ps. the irony of all this is that it got started because I really am not able to do as much as my sisters for my parents, but now, because BS is mean to my mom, I'm going to HAVE to do more, that I really DON'T have time to do, to keep her away from my mom. They are far more equipped time and energy wise to take care of my parents, but then there is that meaness thing that I can't allow to happen. Funny, you do what you have to do, because you HAVE to do it, but just how much CAN you do, before you break? I don't know...I doubt anyone here knows that answer, because you all do what you have to do too.

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