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Thread: Cut In Nose Won"t Heal.... Please Help!!!

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    Cut In Nose Won"t Heal.... Please Help!!!

    I have this weird sore at the tip of my nose, inside the nasal opening at the top... i guess i could say, right where my nose comes to a point, at the top, inside one of my nostrils... weird i know

    anyways, i have had this since December of 2007... and the weirdest part is that it seems that all my nasal drainage is coming down the TOP of my nose and sitting there at the tip of this nostril and therefore causing it to harden and when i have to get it off, it basically reopens the cut... and yes i have to get it off cause u can see the hardened mucus there and im not walking around with a hardened 'boogie" in the tip of my nose....

    I will say that i am not having a lot of drainage.. basically only what i would call normal amounts... but enough for me to have to "clean" off that area about once a day...

    Also, another weird thing is the mucus has a weird smell... but only if it comes from that nostril... it smells kinda of like what pollen smells like... just weird.. and i know that it's weird but i have investigated and this smell is ONLY in the mucus from the edge of that nostril...

    it hasnt had that smell lately though...

    So basically here are my questions....

    1. Why is the mucus coming down the TOP of my nose?

    2. Why does it have that weird smell?

    3 How can i heal this cut!!!

    Please let me know what to do... my doctor didnt give me musch assistance and said i would have to see a ENT but that i didnt really need to cause it wasnt anything serious.. but that was months ago... mind you the cut is small like a paper cut, but it sure is getting irritating.


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    I had the same thing on the rt nostril for years!!!! I thing it's a form of herpes, like cold sores. NOT real serious stuff just a pain in the as. I had to carry a handkercheif from HS till I was 30 yrs old before it went away most of the time. It would pop up during the winter when I'd go into the mtn's to hunt, it'd be dry and cold and it would make my nose run and then it'd split and be that way till summer. Good luck.

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    I agree. This sounds like a herpes type lesion. See a good ENT and get treatment. It is potentially infectious.


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