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Thread: New caregiver to be, need exercises to do to strength myself

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    We often travel as well. For car transfers (if needed) we use a Beasey Trans board, and we have a travel lift that we use for cruises, staying in hotels, etc. The one we have can be seen at this website:

    There is also a more traditional looking travel lift that can be found on the site

    Mimimize your manual transfers. Your body will thank you for it.


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    KLD, and Zilla -I agree with you both!

    KLD, I know firsthand that one's ability to do manuals diminishes over time; when Matt came home from rehab (almost 6 years ago now!) I could do a manual with ease; now, between him gaining a little weight (now he's 'normal' - when he came home he looked like a refugee camp survivor), and my lower back developing problems, I can't do a manual anymore. So, I agree that it IS important to have other means available.

    Zilla, I agree with you alo, that there are times when a manual is just 'easier' - and quicker, too, in an emergency.

    To get a PT referral, call the physiatrist (he doesn't have to like him to get a referral ), explain the situation, and ask him for a PT referral to teach you transfers, range of motion exercises, and wheelchair 'safety' (even tho you probably already know most of that).

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    Sorry for the misinformation; I am using the same method they use at the VA. If the balance points are right it is more a matter of using a fulcrum principle than brute strength. I have used a Hoyer but found it most inconvenient and more painful with all the stooping required. We used to travel extensively; often taking three week road trips around the backside of the country. I guess we were lucky nothing went wrong.

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