History: been diagnosed variously with needing t-spine surgery for disc herniations, one right across the cord from an arachnoid cyst. Two neurosurgeons disagreed on the need for surgery; I went with 2nd opinion and put it off. Have +rhombergs, some clonus, right leg; bilateral Hoffmans (am hyperreflexive all over). Buzzes. Bend head forward, get predictable bzzzzz in right heel and on front of left leg, just above ankle. Occasionally also get an arm zap. Tons of paresthesias, mainly in right foot but also in pinkies, which often go numb at night, regardless of position.

MRIs show a few t2 hyperintensities (periventricular) in brain, and "area of myelopathy" in the t spine, above level of herniations. "Nonspecific."

Had one neuro tell me I had RLS. Nope. Hypersomnia is a way of life for me. In case he was right, I had my spouse watch me sleep...no movement, restlessness, etc. My symptoms are at their worst in the morning or when I get up from sitting.

I think the buzzes from bending my head forward are Lhermitte's. I get them even with the slightest bending of my neck. Should some doctor take this seriously? Cspine MRI noted slight bulge to left at C6-7, not impinging on cord. CT myelogram found no problems anywhere from lumbar up.

I am now extraordinarily heat sensitive, and heat actually fires up the Lhermitte's considerably, along with bone-deep exhaustion and the paresthesias. Obviously, I think I have MS. Looks, quacks, and occasionally must walk like a duck.

Again, should someone be taking the Lhermitte's seriously? The doc who told me "RLS" just kind of brushed over it.

Thanks for any insights.