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Thread: How about some Power Metal

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    I love Savatage! Sadly I've never seen them live despite living in their home town (Tampa, FL) for 12+ years. I was put in touch with their producer/co-writer Paul O'Neill back in '95 or so and talked with him about illustrating the next album cover, but they ended up going with their regular artist. They just re-did their website but haven't released an album since 2001's Poets and Madmen. I know they've been busy with TransSiberian Orchestra and stuff, but I really wish they'd record a new Savatage record.

    LOL at that list alpentalic posted.

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    It's more death metal but I love Machine Head:
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    Scorpion, TransSiberian Orchestra has come to EP several times around the months of November or December. I have so wanted to go to hear them but something or other seems to come up each time so I miss out on them. Maybe this year I will be lucky enogh to go, I hope so. Would love to hear them live and in person. I too wish that Savatage would also record more. Also, next time you get a chance like the one you mentioned above, hope you get to do it and we get to brag and say we know you.

    Did a bit of a search on Wiki to find some power metal bands and found others which I hadn't heard before. Rhapsody of Fire, Dark Moor, Fairyland and others. I pretty much like the ones with the symphonic sounds like TransSiberian's.

    I also found that some of the music used in the movie Lord of the Rings is also considered Power Metal.

    Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys:


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    How could I ever forget the following one ... possibly some would not consider it power metal but it sure sounded to me when I heard it with NightWish playing it. I just had to post it. Enjoy.


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