I am Shelby, Danine's partner. I decided to join for many reasons, foremost in support of Danine, but also to find others who are in a caregiver role and have had similar experiences.

It's been almost a year and a half since Danine's sci. There were other health concerns that were presented in January of 2007 that began my journey as caregiver. I had not previously been a caregiver; however, my natural instincts, or possibly my mind's way of dealing with the shock and utter fear of the situation, set me in motion.

I am grateful beyond words every day that Danine is still with me. I almost lost her twice in a 6 month period and that was enough to scare the hell out of me. Although I do not believe her doctors thought she would recover as well as she has, her stubborness and desire to persevere have undoubtedly been instrumental in her continued recovery.

I cannot say that I have had time, or allowed myself time, to deal with all of this. I find that I still wake up and find myself in shock that this has happened. I have kept myself as sane as possible by being as supportive as possible. At times, it seems as if Danine is dealing with the situation much better than I am lol. My hope is that I will meet others that are dealing with similar emotional distress so that we may help each other through our own healing process.

I look forward to meeting everyone!